Thriving with 7 Blessings

My name is Stephanie Coker.  In case you haven’t already noticed, we have 7 blessings (AKA Children) running around driving me batty every day.   We were blessed with four girls and then came along our three boys.  We are a very busy homeschooling family attempting to balance it all.  With having BIG kids doing BIG kid things, and little kids doing little kids things, I’m constantly struggling to balance ALL THINGS!  The husband and I own and operate a growing landscaping company.  I’m a self-proclaimed Wellness Advocate that loves to share knowledge on how we have implanted simple steps to make our family healthier through healthy food and nutrition, and the use of natural healthcare options.  Feel free to email me anytime to learn more about living a holistic lifestyle!

I started my wellness journey a little over 3 years ago.  Our fifth child, our son B, suffered encephalitis from his 3rd set of vaccines, which we delayed (didn’t make a difference).  That sent me down the rabbit whole.  I completely divulged myself into reading and researching anything and everything I could possibly get my hands on.  I started to question every decision.  What toxins were in our home, the products we used, food we eat, and ways to decrease our toxic load.  I overwhelmed myself with all of the information I was inhaling every chance I got.  Then I learned the most important lesson.  It’s one thing to have information, it’s another to be able to put action to the information.  I learned to change one simple thing at a time.  First I looked into ways that I could increase our families nutrition. I was introduced to JuicePlus via our Pediatrician. It’s a simple way for us to ensure our children get 21 fruits and vegetables daily.  Then I worked on ways to decrease our toxic load.  I accomplished this by ridding our home of harsh cleaning chemicals. Replacing them with natural non-toxic forms.  Next, I looked at what was in our shampoos, skincare, products we put on our bodies and replaced them with natural nontoxic options. You’d be surprised what’s affordable and available.  Then I researched holistic treatments for our health.  I really did a lot of research on essential oils and their health benefits.

If you’d like to know more about how I implemented healthier options for my family, shoot me an email anytime. I absolutely love encouraging healthier options.

Welcome to our journey……..